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Dare to Compare!

Whether you're having issues with your well pump or pressure tank, we can assess the problem by giving you a FREE estimate and get it fixed for you.


When you lose water pressure, you will want to act quick to ensure you get your water back ASAP.  We have 24 hour emergency service to ensure you're not out of water for long.

If you're having well water issues, we can help

Broken water line?

No problem! We have the capability to fix underground water lines without any assistance. We also help with all types of pumps and water tanks.


If you need a faucet in the field or yard, we can install a frost free yard hydrant for you, which can be used in the winter months.


  • Hand pumps

  • Submersible pumps

  • Jet pumps


Water tanks

  • Galvanized tanks

  • Bladder tanks

Don't delay when you have water problems, call now! 320-845-4135

Types of pumps and tanks: